Graphic & Web Design

We are seeking design interns who are eager to learn and apply the needed skills for this industry. We recognize that there are a lot of individuals out there with raw talent so we are willing to give the right motivated individuals a great opportunity. We run a couple different companies that need creative minds to build a strong visual presence. Our past interns have been able to use our internships to improve their portfolios enabling them to land comfortably in a full time career of their choice. This is a great opportunity for beginners to either gain more experience and/or get your name out to thousands of potential clients for freelance opportunities. Your work will be hands on. 

 Digime Marketing & Designs

  • Graphic
  • Web
  • Interior (in Georgia & Michigan)
  • Create presentations and marketing material,
  • Design logo, business cards, flyers, banners, posters etc.

 Although this is considered an unpaid internship we do offer incentive cash for certain projects.  We have two types of projects here, in-house and out-house.


(These assignments are Priority #1 and are not paid. You must understand that these are the projects that will be seen by thousands of individuals and companies, therefore will allow you to grow your portfolio and have more creativity and say so. Every 5-7 in-house projects you do will increase the percentage of the cash you keep from the outhouse projects)