Image & Style Makeover

Get Ready for Your Personal Curve Appeal Style & Image session!

First impressions matter. Your appearance, the sleekness of your curves, hair, wardrobe, grooming, and makeup are as important as your smile and personality. When you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in both business and social relationships. Whether you are an aspiring FOCA model, recently divorced, single, or in need of general self-image improvement, you have come to the right place.

What can a local Curve Appeal Image & Style Coordinator do for me?

Image & style consulting helps you develop the confidence to dress with style and individuality. You will learn how to dress consistently better and take pride in your personal image appearance, while gaining confidence in your sense of beauty and fashion and bringing out or enhancing your personal Curve Appeal. This will allow you to express yourself better and win hearts with your whole new professional and stylish look fitting to your lifestyle, career and personality.

Each Curve Appeal Image & Style Coordinator possesses an exemplary level of expertise that will allow them to transform you in a short period of time. The information you acquire will create a lifelong understanding on what to wear and what not to wear in order to enhance your personal power. You will be exuberantly poised to rock the world with your image makeover and show off your new found Curve Appeal!

Getting started: The Personal Imaging & Styling Process

When you’ve completed your in-depth questionnaire, you’ll schedule a one hour image consultation to evaluate your current image & style. During your consultation with you local Curve Appeal Image & Style Coordinator, they’ll offer wardrobe makeover advice and beauty recommendations while tailoring a plan suitable for you.

If desired, an appointment may be scheduled to review your wardrobe. Your Image Maker will weed out the unnecessary and unflattering items all while creating new outfits and compiling a list of essential items you’ll need to pull your wardrobe together and bring your image up to date. For the greatest use of your time, you will be given prior instructions on how to organize your closet(s).

If personal shopping services are desired, your Curve Appeal Image & Style Coordinator may arrange a shopping trip to stores tailored just for you, while teaching you how-to shop along with what styles, colors, fabrics, cuts and brands work best for you.

Depending on the services that you have selected, they may also create a follow-up Internet file that includes links, photos and resources to complete the personalized makeover process.

Please note: All services, packages and prices depend on your specific Curve Appeal Image & Style Coordinator. Once you have contracted with one of the fabulous I & S Coordinators, you will deal exclusively with them until the end of the makeover process. Makeup, hair, body shaping & styling services are standard in each package. You will have to choice to package your services or pay À la carte. Complete the below form to get started.